My name is Joe Faraldi and I hand-build customized pedalboards, speaker/head cabinets and design decals for any type of project.

As a guitarist for over thirty years, I've been through a ton of gear, played hundreds of gigs and have always been searching for the ultimate tone. As you probably know, the search is never ending.

One of my interests have always been in the area of organization and making my setup gig-ready. So many times I've damaged my pedals by stuffing them in a gig bag or having them laying around on stage in a rats nest of cables and power supplies. That, coupled with my ability to work with my hands has encouraged me to start JofaBoards.

There are a lot of options available when I build your board. Some clients have very specific needs while others simply give me creative license to go whatever route I feel. I enjoy both.

JofaBoards aren't built from an order form. I like the personal interaction with my clients so that we can ensure your board is everything you want it to be at a price that really makes sense.

Contact me at 848-210-3573 or shoot me an email with your questions.