Kind of a natural move for me was to add custom cabs to my offerings.

Guitar speaker cabinets are interesting in that they can really sculpt your tone, not only because of the speaker you choose but also because of the wood, layout, size and construction. I've built cabs in pine, birch ply and yes, even MDF.

Finishes can include natural, tolex, carpet or even paint with solid or burst designs. Basically anything you want in a cab, I can build it.

If you have an amp chassis that needs a new head cab, I can build those as well. One project that I have in the works is to build a 2x10 8 ohm cab for a Vox Pathfinder 15R chassis. Basically creating a 210 combo running at 8 ohms (which is that amp's standard output).

Like my custom pedalboards, JofaBoard cabs aren't built from an order form. I like the personal interaction with my clients so that we can ensure your board is everything you want it to be at a price that really makes sense.

Contact me at 848-210-3573 or shoot me an email with your questions.