Prior to starting JofaBoards, I spent a good part of my career doing graphic design. Well, why give up a good thing?

Now, I'm able to offer custom waterslide decals that you can place on your own creations. I can take your own design and create decals of any size or I can create a design for you.

My decals are printed using the highest quality materials and are sent pre-treated so that you can simply cut, wet and apply. No worries about ink run because they're already pre sealed using Duplicolor clear coat. The same clear that is used on automobiles.

Please note, while I want to work with you I will not print or recreate any logo that is protected by US copyright laws. I hope you understand.

Contact me with questions about your custom decal needs.

JofaBoards aren't built from an order form. I like the personal interaction with my clients so that we can ensure your board is everything you want it to be at a price that really makes sense.

Contact me at 848-210-3573 or shoot me an email with your questions.